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ARMSTEL, based in Dallas, Texas is a medical electronics and system solution company that provides the most cost effective medical image presentation and communication devices, with its world leading innovations and technologies. Our mission is to help medical facilities, hospitals and individual doctors face the challenges of today's increasingly complex digital medical diagnostic system communication environment, and to make global telediagnosis possible. We are uniquely positioned to provide medical users and agents with innovative and economical end-user medical and clinical diagnostic devices. We also aim to provide IMS-based network telediagnostic solutions, and to deliver NEMA DICOM compliant PACS medical image presentation and communication technology. With our highest customer commitment and dedication to excellence in technology and innovation, ARMSTEL is striving to deliver the most delicate and cost effective medical imaging presentation and network solutions to our customers, to exceed their expectations.

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ARMSTEL Headquarters in North America
ARMSTEL headquarters in North America, located in Richardson, Texas, is the global R&D and business center. With highly professional engineers and business resources, our headquarters not only maintain the global operations of the business and R&D, but is also dedicated to the core technology innovations and developments. ARMSTEL headquarters consolidates and leverages all the inventions and innovations from our global resources to build a world leading medical imaging processing and telecommunication company in the US.
ARMSTEL R&D Center in Hangzhou, China
Teamed with key resources from the Biomedical Equipment and Engineering Department of one of the most prominent Universities in China, ARMSTEL has been working closely with local engineers in Hangzhou, in the area of PACS systems and quality assurance. The PACS QC over the network monitoring and checking project is pioneered by the R&D efforts in China. The research and development center in Hangzhou is to work closely with local hospital staffs and engineers to design and deliver the most cost effective and technologically advanced PACS QC network monitoring and checking solutions to China hospitals. With the necessary calibrations, ARMSTEL R&D in Hangzhou is to provide ARMSTEL with a base global PACS QC network solution to be deployed worldwide in the near future.
ARMSTEL China Corp in Beijing, China
ARMSTEL China Corp, located in Beijing, China, is the headquarters of ARMSTEL in China for the Asia Pacific region. ARMSTEL China leads the local marketing and sales in China and the Asia Pacific region. It also provides the technical support and leads the R&D in the area of medical imaging add-on services via telecommunication networks. It coordinates all the functions and activities in China, including the Hangzhou R&D lab, contracted manufacturers, and investors. It also engages in public relations with the local and national governments and ensures that products are compliant with all Chinese regulations and standards.
Contracted Manufacturers
ARMSTEL is working closely with contracted manufacturers in China to produce the most cost effective products, while remaining compliant with international standards. ARMSTEL has completed two joint research and development projects with two contracted manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, and started mass production. The contracted manufacturers have proven their competence in delivering high quality products for ARMSTEL in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. We have established a tight relationship and supply chain with these contracted manufacturers, who have not only advanced our production lines in China, but the strong R&D capabilities as well.

Our Network
In order to provide the most advanced technology in the area of medical image processing and presentation, ARMSTEL has worked to establish close relationships within the medical technology industry. For instance, we work closely with UT Southwest Medical Center, Medical QC Images, LLC, Otech, Inc, etc.


For product hospital trials and expert assessment, and for FDA 510k clearance, ARMSTEL has established working relationships with UT Southwest Medical Center and Baylor Hospital in the United States, and Zhejiang Hospital and Beijing Xiehe Hospital in China.


To provide the most accurate and up-to-date products and solutions, and to guarantee their interoperability, ARMSTEL is working with government organizations and consulting agencies, to ensure that our products and deliverables are all international standard compliant.