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Amedicom PACS QC

Amedicom PACS QC
ARMSTEL PACS QC system provides solutions to office doctors or practitioners and hospitals or medical facilities. For doctors and individual medical practitioners, ARMSTEL's office PACS QC provides a Window based solution on PC. ARMSTEL's network solution provides a WAN based network grade PACS QC for hospitals and medical LAN/WAN applications.


Amedicom DICOM Calibrator

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Office PACS QC
Office PACS QC system is a software package that can be used by family doctors or individual office physicians to conduct visual inspection the medical display for TG18 compliancy. It has the following functionalities:


  • A Windows-based software program used to check the quality of medical displays
  • Provides an interactive medical display diagnosis
  • Generates a test log after each test for
    historical records
  • Provides an intuitive view on the status
    of DICOM compliancy
  • Available for download from our website
Network PACS QC

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Network PACS QC
ARMSTEL Amedicom network PACS QC allows hospitals and medical facilities to inspect all the medical displays TG18 quality assurance compliancy over the PACS computer network via a TCP/IP connectivity.