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CE/FCC/CCC Certification for Amedicom MDA2121 Dual-mode 2MP Medical LCD Display

July 25, 2011 Dallas


On June 25, 2011, Amedicom MDA2121 Dual-mode 2MP 11-bit Medical LCD Display has passed all the certification validation tests for CE/FCC/CCC certifications in Shenzhen, China. CE and FCC certifications are awarded and CCC certification is to be issued after completing all the documentations. It is a significant milestone of ARMSTEL Inc. in productization and market readiness for NA, European and China market.


ARMSTEL's Amedicom LCD medical displays have been delivered to some well-known Chinese hospitals and medical organizations for trial and testing. The display quality and functionalities are also receiving positive comments from U.S. DICOM certification and testing experts.


Global Lauch of Calispector Validation System for Medical Display System

July 10, 2011 Dallas


On July 10, 2011, ARMSTEL Inc. announced its official launch of the its new invention of Calispector, a new medical display inspection and calibration system. The system includes a Simlux light meter and a common Window OS based application software package, which can be used to inspect on any vendor's medical LCD display, clinic or diagnostic ones. This vendor independent system is based on the new invention that ARMSTEL, Inc invested in last year, in co-operating with its Chinese CM partner in Shenzhen. The product is intended to provide radiologists, physicians and medical technicians to inspect the medical clinic and diagnostic LCD displays with an accurate, objective, and cost effective tool.


"We, in the past year have delved a considerable amount of our research in developing this product," said Dr. Jiang, President of ARMSTEL. "Now we can happily announce that the dedications of our engineers and manange team finally get the significant returns.I believe our customer will benefit a lot from our new invention in the medical imaging and practical domains."



Global Launch of the First Generation of Amedicom LCD Medical Display

Jun 15, 2011 Dallas


On June 15, 2011, ARMSTEL Inc. officially announced its launch of the first generation of medical display - Amedicom MDA2121 21.5" Dual-mode 2MP 11-bit Medical LCD Display, for its global presentation. It marks the first official deployment of its world leading technology breakthrough know-how being productized and commercially being available in the global medical display and image processing market.


"We continue to make the strong commitment to our innovative research and development in the area of medical image presentation and processing, to enhance our product quality and to improve the customer satisfaction," said Dr. Jiang, CEO of ARMSTEL. "High quality image presentation device with the lowest possible deployment cost is becoming increasingly demaning by medical facilities for massive deployment of PACS system and making it available to to all doctors, diagnostic physicians and technical staffs. We are striking to meet and exceed our customer's requirements and satisfaction by introducing our solutions to address this issue."

ARMSTEL has supplied this Amedicom LCD medical display to some well-known Chinese hospitals for trials, and the feedbacks are very positive.



ARMSTEL Partners with Chinese CMs in Shenzhen

Apr 13, 2010


ARMSTEL, Inc., a high-tech start-up company registered in Dallas of Texas of the United States of America partnered with two Chinese contracted manufacturers to make its patented medical LCD products.

ARMSTEL has currently held its own breakthrough patented invention in the domain of medical image processing and completed its prototyping and sample machine testing. It cuts into productization by contracting its production related R&D to the CMs and co-operating with CMSs to arrange the future mass production in Chinese productin base, aiming to provide the most cost-effective products in the global markets.

"We have achieved troumandous progress in productization of our new invention, and we are very optimistic on bringing our product to the global market this time of next year. We believe we can bring a new pyramid shift to the medical LCD display industry by introducing our products to the market," said Dr. Jiang, CEO of ARMSTEL."We believe all the medical LCD displays can be offered at a fracture of its current cost, by introducing our breakthrough technology."