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21.6" Dual-mode Medical LCD Display - MDA2121


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ARMSTEL AMEDICOM™ 21.6" Dual-mode Medical LCD Display - MDA2121
The affordable ARMSTEL Amedicom™ dual-mode series medical grade LCD displays are designed and commissioned to be the only desktop computer monitors a doctor needs.


ARMSTEL Amedicom™ MDA2121 terminal device is a 21.6" LCD NEMA DICOM PS 3.14-2009 specification compliant end user monitoring device with dual functional display. The ARMSTEL Amedicom™ series dual-functional LCD monitor can be used as a regular high-end color computer LCD monitor, and a DICOM specification compliant grayscale medical display, at a fraction of regular DICOM medical LCD monitor's cost. This is achieved by applying ARMSTEL's invention, a world leading breakthrough technology, ARMSTEL ARMSATT®, to realize 11-bit grayscale display (2048 grayscale levels) on a regular commercial LCD 8-bit color monitor. Amedicom™ LCD display can also switch between regular commercial LCD monitor and medical display monitor easily by ARMSTEL's patented switching solution
(patent pending).


ARMSTEL Amedicom™ medical LCD display also comes with:


  • An ARMSTEL dedicated Simlux™ luminance meter with a USB connector to plug into the computer for DICOM compliancy inspection and calibration and,
  • Amedicom™ Calispector™ system, a sophisticated 11-bit (2048 levels of grayscale) DICOM inspection and calibration system to adjust the Barten's characteristic curve at different levels of accuracy. The software can be downloaded from the company
    website for free.


With the Simlux™ meter and Calispector™, the end user can easily inspect and calibrate the Amedicom™
medical LCD display any time as needed.

Technical Specifications:

ARMSTEL's Patented Medical Display Technology (ARMSATT®)
DICOM Calibration with 11-Bit Grayscale Accuracy (2048 Grayscale Levels)
User Friendly DICOM Inspection and Calibration Software Calispector™ and Simlux™ luminance Meter
Easily Switch Between Normal Color and DICOM Medical Display Modes
Rotates 90 Degrees for Landscape/Portrait Viewing
360 Degree Swivel Base
Best AMD TFT 2 MP (1920x1080)
300-500 cd/m2 Brightness and High Contrast
2 Mega Pixel Resolution
11-bit LUT Calibration
Single Button Push Dual-mode Function
LCD Panel : Color Monitor
Display Color: 16.7M
TYPE: TFT Active Matrix
Active Display Area: 466.9x292.6mm.
Pixel Pitch(HxV) : 0.248x0.248mm
Response Time: 5-20ms
Interface: VGA, DVI, USB
Active Screen Size : 21.6" Diagonal
Native Resolution : 1920x1080
Brightness Max. : 500 cd/m2
Brightness Calibrated: 300-350 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1
Viewing Angle(H,V) (Typical) : 160ºH, 120ºV
Backlight: CCFL
Input Type: External
Power Supply: AC100-240V; 60/'50Hz
Power Adaptor output: 12V DC, 5A
Power Consumption: ≤40W
Working Temperature: 0ºC-50ºC
Humidity: 10%-85%
Power Saving: EPA, VESA
Certificates: CCC, FCC, CE.